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Borrow Better with Tail O' the Bank Credit Unions Ethical and Affordable Loans

Looking for a loan? 

From Friday 10th November 2023, all new members are required to save regularly for 8 weeks (2 consecutive months) with Tail O’ The Bank Credit Union before applying for a loan. 


For example, £2 per week for 8 weeks. 


We ask that you make regular savings contributions to establish a savings commitment in your credit union account. 


If your loan is approved, you are required to make a minimum contribution to your savings account when repaying your loan. 


Please note, no loan is guarenteed - all loans will be assessed by our loan officers where affordability checks will be carried out, loans may also be subject to a credit search.


For more informaiton or if you have any questions, please email 


The last date in which members can apply for a loan in time for Christmas is Tuesday 19th December 2023. 


Members can borrow from us with interest rates varying from as little as 6.3% APR to 17.9% APR. The loan rate we advertise is the loan rate we offer our members if the application is successful, and that’s all part of the credit union difference. Other financial institutions only have to offer the advertised rate to 51 % percent of applicants.


With the added benefit that both your savings and loans will be protected by our Life Savings and Loan Protection Cover(terms and conditions apply). So, whatever you might need a loan for, we are here to help.   

Tail O’ The Bank Credit Unions loan interest is calculated on are reducing balance, so you are charged interest on what you owe and not what you borrow, and that’s part of the credit union difference. Tail O’ The Bank also offer flexible terms so you can reduce the terms with no administration fees.   

If you are struggling to make your payments or your circumstances have changed, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do everything within our power to readjust your payments to suit your financial needs, it’s all part of our personal service and the credit union difference. We aim to process loans within five working days. Please provide a mobile number on your loan application to enable us to text you your decision.  


What is APR? ​

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate and is the mathematical method of expressing repayment costs; it should reflect all the costs involved. Bank interest rates can change and alter the APR for many loan providers. The credit union difference, our APR is fixed. ​


How Much Can I Borrow?​

Tail O’ The Bank Credit Union has a policy on lending, designed to meet the needs of individual members and is based on ability to repay. For full details on our lending policies, please contact a member of the team. 

Borrow Better for the big things and the little things, with rates starting from 8.9% we have the right loan for you. The credit union difference; pay interest on what you owe and not what you borrow.

Secure your savings against your loan and reap the benefits with our exclusive loan rate of 6.3% APR on the reducing balance.

If you are looking for a loan, and you have the equivalent savings amount or more, with Tail O' The Bank you can borrow with our best rate of, while still keeping your savings intact for a rainy day (or sunny day).

Loan application process

How It Works?

1. Apply online

Login to this website and use our loan application form.

2. Get your answer

We aim to process loans and provide a decision within five working days.

3. Sign agreement

Pop in to our office and sign your loan agreement.

4. Get your loan

We will issue the funds in cash or cheque for loans over £3000.

Example repayment calculator

Loan type
Amount to borrow?
Payback over how many months
Example repayment amount*
Repayment amount
Interest amount (or the cost of borrowing)

* These amounts are only an example, for a detailed guide of how your loan can be repaid please contact the Credit Union. We charge interest at per month or APR for that loan.